proposals & intimate gatherings

"Always and forever you and me, that's the way our life should be"-
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Proposals & Intimate Gatherings 

THESE PHOTOS AND VIDEO were taken at a real life proposal. Video by russell kent Nicholls, photography by 

Post pandemic, we have seen the increase in demand for smaller, more intimate gatherings, be that for weddings, or garden parties and events. I am so grateful that we can create a bespoke, small group of musicians that will be able to give you the full Chiqas experience, but at an intimate level that you and your nearest and dearest can enjoy. 

We have had the privilege of playing at proposals, and being part of those special moments where you say 'I Do' to the love of your life, with your favourite music as the perfect soundtrack and creating a romantic atmosphere you will cherish forever. The below sections give you a bit more info on our proposal packages, and the best groups for intimate gatherings.

video by russell kent nicholls

Wedding Proposals

How does it work?

Do you have the perfect proposal planned for your partner, but would like to add that extra touch to give it elegance, romance and a bit of fun? We've got you covered! Any of our groups (string duo, trio, and quartet with or without our acoustic drummer) can serenade you and your partner as you ask the question to begin your life forever together. We have played timeless classics at proposals such as 'At Last', and romantic songs to have a little happy cry and dance to after you've popped the question, or we can play your favourite tune that maybe you both have an inside joke about? Or why not bring all the happy vibes and have us play your favourite tunes to make you both smile after the big moment. 

A proposal is such an intimate and personal moment you will remember forever, and I believe the addition of your favourite music played by a live string group will add that extra touch to make it unforgettable. 

For each of our group for proposals, our prices begin at a one hour booking, and then you can add additional hours to this. Prices are available upon request, and for each group, the one hour package includes:
-Professionally trained musicians playing on antique acoustic instruments
-Full discretion of song choices from our set list
-Guidance on song choices and advice from me from 
-Set up time
-Arrangements of songs if you have a particular song you would like played that is not on our set list, so your proposal is totally tailored to you and your partner

Do you have a proposal idea in mind, or have an idea of combination of musicians you would like? I can't wait to hear about it!

Send me a message & tell me everything!

With the rise of micro weddings, intimate gatherings and more personal parties, I really wanted to be able to offer a setting where Chiqas could be part of these special memories, where we can still provide either the romantic serenades, or banging pop charts to suit you and your nearest and dearest. 

 Chiqas instrumental groups would be perfect for your back garden parties, intimate dinners or micro weddings. Performing acoustically (our drummer literally just sits on her drum to play, that's it!), with no problems playing outdoors,  we can provide soft background music to compliment the laughter and fun experienced with your family. Our trio would suit a very small gathering, and our trio and drummer would be perfect to still give that upbeat Chiqas vibe, without being too intrusive on you and your small number of guests. 

With intimate gathering for events and weddings being the new thing, we can also offer just one musician. Fancy just a violinist or cellist? No problem! 


Intimate Gatherings

Tell me your plans!